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Our servers are an extremely reliable and affordable streaming platform.  If you are serious about buffer-free streaming and uptime, we are your one-stop shop providing a 99.999% SLA and intelligent routing through multiple Internet backbones. 
Depending on which plan you selected

Supported players:

Please contact us if you have any questions about streaming.

Supported streaming technologies include:

  • the latest AACPlus which gives out better quality at lower bitrates ,a 16KBPS AACPLus stream is compared to a 64KBPS mp3 stream)
  • MP3 pro the new generation of the MP3 technolog


With the streaming service come the following services:
  • Podcasting: service that allows your listeners to have access to non live content from your radio such as shows, news… it can be subscription based or free depending on your needs. Your podcast account has up to 10GB depending on the streaming package you have chosen.
  • Live statistics: you have access to your radio station statistics either for the live stream or the podcasts. You can tell how many listeners you had, where they are coming from and what type of player they used.

WHAT IS AACPLUS also HE-AAC? (Wikipedia)
aacPlus is a new audio format that allows for stereo, near CD-quality streaming audio at only 32 kbps. This means that high quality Internet radio has finally become affordable. Offers vastly superior fidelity over MP3, Windows Media, Real Audio and Ogg Vorbis at equivalent low bitrates.

From Coding Technologies' website:

MPEG-4 aacPlus is the combination of three MPEG technologies comprising Advanced Audio Coding (AAC), coupled with Coding Technologies' Spectral Band Replication (SBR), and Parametric Stereo (PS) technologies. SBR is a unique bandwidth extension technique which enables audio codecs to deliver the same quality at half the bit rate. PS significantly increases the codec efficiency a second time for low bit rate stereo signals.

SBR and PS are both forward and backward compatible methods to enhance the efficiency of any audio codec. As a result, aacPlus delivers streaming and downloadable 5.1 multichannel audio at 128 kbps, near CD-quality stereo at 32 kbps, excellent quality stereo at 24 kbps, and good quality for mixed content even below 16 kbps mono. This level of efficiency fundamentally enables new applications in the markets of mobile and digital broadcast.

You'll need the latest version of Winamp on Windows or VLC Player on Mac and other *nixes. iTunes does not currently support the aacPlus format (aac and aacPlus are similar but different beasts). Hopefully Apple will eventually support aacPlus in the next major revision of Quicktime. With windows media player you need to install the Orban Optic codec from

Bandwidth guide / calculator>>>>


Pro plan:

The streaming is done using 2 servers. One located in USA and serving customers who have their internet backbones located in North America and a second one located in Germany serving clients with their internet backbones in Europe. This plan has 10GB podcast storage. And it doesn’t have a limit on concurrent listeners.

Standard plan:

The streaming is done using 1 server on choice. Located either in USA or in Germany. This plan has 5GB podcast storage. It has a maximum of 100 concurrent listeners limit and a maximum bandwidth limit of 70 GB per month (enough to serve 10,440 hours of listening)

Simple plan:

The streaming is done using 1 server on choice. Located either in USA or in Germany. This plan has 2GB podcast storage. It has a maximum of 30 concurrent listeners limit and a maximum bandwidth usage of 30GB (enough to serve 4,440 listeners)

Managed plan

The managed plan is for those radio stations or TV which consume much bandwidth per month. Up to 400 or 500 GB or more.

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