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Services for financial institutions

The current economic landscape is characterised by financial institutions working to achieve growth and customer satisfaction, while simultaneously trying to manage the challenges of cost, compliance, transparency, and the requirement for low-cost products. This comes at a time when profits are being squeezed by the overheads of products that have been superceded, but which still need to be maintained because they are still widely used.
These challenges are changing the shape of financial institutions. The distinctions between banks, life insurance companies, and asset managers will continue to blur. As they attempt to extend their share of the market, they will take up new positions and cut across sectors.
As the corporate identities and product offerings of financial service companies are simplifying, so are the organisations themselves. They are becoming more aggressive in scrutinising their own performance, and are concluding that a part of their product administration is no longer core to their business plans. They are finding that outsourcing should be considered as an everyday business strategy.
Esicia LTD's Financial Institutions Service is a leading provider of third-party outsourcing solutions for Financial institutions. Using our services can provide advantages such as:

  • a reduction in administration costs
  • more time to address other areas of strategic importance
  • more time to spend on the generation of new products

We also provide the means by which you can consolidate and integrate your software requirements, and transform your business processing - tapping into large-scale processing power allows you to potentially reduce costs. And we can provide an entry point for your new products, giving you greater exposure to the market while reducing your setup, distribution, and running costs.
Our Financial Institutions Service covers:

  • Internet banking
  • Mobile banking
  • E-Commerce Platform
  • Bill Pay Platform
  • E-tax
  • Support system
  • Mailing system
  • Network security
  • VPN setup

Our success is based on excellent customer service, building strong partnerships with our clients, and on providing strong support for their businesses. For your customers, this will represent greater efficiency, and a seamless brand experience.

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