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bulk SMS

What Is It & Why Use It...

Bulk SMS powers thousands of mobile marketing campaigns. There are other ways to do mobile marketing, but none of them offer the reach of simple, bulk sms text messaging.

What is the definition of Bulk SMS?

It's actually very simple. When your company or organization needs to get the same information to hundreds (or often thousands) of people, whether clients or customers, the easiest way to do so is by sending them a text message. We've spoken with hundreds of customers who used to do this by hand. They would spend hours sending the same message out over and over again. Now, they type their message on the computer, select the groups of contacts that they want to reach...and hit send. In minutes everyone will have the message.

It is all about letting small to medium-sized businesses control their own mobile marketing campaigns. For thousands of companies, Bulk SMS is the answer. When you want to get your message in the hands of your customers, quickly, cheaply, and easily, Bulk SMS is the answer.


our prices vary depending on the volume of the sms you want to send. Please contact us for more details

 Price Based on Quantity 1 – 100,000 100,000 and more
Price per SMS 15 Frw (+ VAT) Contact Us

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