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about us

We are a Rwandan based company that is specialized in the software development and system integration. We help private companies, and other organizations to integrate themselves into the new Information and Communication technologies. We develop programs and applications that allow organisations to be managed easily and we also give advices to allow managers of enterprises to take the best decisions and the best products related to Information Technologies.

We create highly professional web sites, host them in high speed servers, find promotion solutions and maintenance, our objective is that we design a website that looks like the owner want, giving us your website shows the esteem you have for our company and it is then our duty to do the best and beautiful website for our client.


Since its establisment back in 2005, Esicia Ltd has been building great teams to develop, migrate or maintain high-end, mission-critical software.

Over the course of our work, we have mastered the dynamics of distributed software engineering, developing a workflow and methodology that improves our performance on every key customer metric, including product quality, time to market, budget adherence, project transparency and issue resolution.

Today, there are thousands of websites in the internet. Among those thousands of websites, there are hundreds of websites which compete with your business directly. We design websites in such a way that your websites stand above the rest of the flock in competition through attractiveness, sharpness, and superior content and image driven communication. Our website design and development will focus to convert customers into your fold. Also, we project your company in a clear and more positive image.

Esicia Ltd is a company committed to connecting and empowering service providers across the globe via robust technologies. We have a wide range of experience in Value added service domain in different sectors across the region.
Our software packages allow different service providers such as banks, insurance, telecoms, goverments … to deliver their services in a better, secure and efficient way.

Our success is based on excellent customer service, building strong partnerships with our clients, and on providing strong support for their businesses. For your customers, this will represent greater efficiency, and a seamless brand experience.

KANEZA Innocent
CEO and Founder

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